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Pet shop girl

By Billy D. - Feb 12, 2005 2897 I don't know who she thought she was, but she was dead wrong about me. God! she was a fucking bitch. Calling me names and saying things about me. Hell! she didn't even know me. I wasn't going to take it, no not at all. We had exchanged a few emails and yes it had been exciting, but now was just to much. The first email she told me she was going to make wonderful love to me. That we would be together, her mouth on mind, turning my wildest fantasies into reality. God! she told me she would press me up against the wall, kissing me, pressing her tongue into my mouth. Her hand sliding down over my breast, down across my stomach, lifting my skirt, parting my legs as she rubbed my cunt (as she called it) through my panties, bring me closer and closer to a orgasm... Teasing me with this type of dialog. Then daring me to write her back. To tell her all the nasty little things I'd want her to do to me. Then came the email with the statement that I was her little lezbo lover... I thought it was kind cute at first but she went on about what a total lez I was.. like I was the one coming on to her.. Well yeah I guess I was.. but she was the lesbian not me.. she was the one leading me down the path... I told her I wasn't , that in fact I didn't think I could ever be one in really life. But she insisted I was. why else would I write her all these love letters, why would I be masturbating over every email she send back to me. I wrote back telling her she was wrong that I was just turned on by the fantasy of it. That I had a boy friend and a active sex life.. She just called me a lair. No women that had as good of a relationship as I claimed, would be carrying on with her like this. It now was her duty to show me that I was truly a lesbian. . Yes I had said I loved her and would do anything for her, but never, no never had I meant anything like what she was implying. I mean it was a game, right? We were just playing at this, just exploring fantasies. Her next email got more involved, telling me now she was going to strip me naked, lay me back on the bed. Tying my hands above my head with a silk scarf, spreading my legs, tying me to the bed.... touching me.. rubbing her hands over my body... OK! so I admit that I was turned on by this, but I had to stop it. I didn't even finish reading it.. I just wrote off a reply. Stop writing me. I don't want to play this any more. I'm through with you. I'm not a lesbian I will never be one. It was just a stupid fantasy and nothing else..... Yeah well that didn't work, she wrote me back in a few minutes... I didn't read it, just pressed delete and it was gone.. But an hour later I was back working to retrieve it. Dam! she was pissed, who did I think I was. If any body was going to be dumped it was going to me, but not before she had had her fun with me. She went on saying what a pathetic fool I was. She demanded I write her back immediately with my apology and to add a picture of myself. I don't know why I wrote it, I just did. I told her I was sorry and that she was just moving way to fast. That she had scared me by coming on so strong. That I did want to continue our relationship. Yes I did love her, worshipped every email she wrote me. That I would do anything she wanted to make up for my rube behavior. Then I attached a nice picture of me standing by my new car. It wasn't anything sexy, just a cute picture. Not more than a few minutes after I send the email came her reply. It was short and to the point, I had to show just now sorry I was... I was to go to a pet shop.... I didn't have any pets, I know I told her that... I was to... Fuck! This was insane.. I wasn't going to do this. I couldn't do that, no no I just couldn't.....?? She was a young girl, God! this was going to be embarrassing. Maybe around 18, no older than 19. I saw her as I entered the pet shop, she was behind the cash register and called, "Hi! can I help you find something...?" It had taken all the courage I could muster just to get here. I sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes, not believing I was going to go through with it.. I could feel my face turning red as I mumbled out, "yes, if you would please...." Why was I doing this, why didn't I just tell that bitch to fuck off.. God! I hated how weak I had become... She came around the counter asking what I was looking for, I told her I needed a collar, a dog collar. but what I really hated was that I was so turned on by all of this.. that the fact of humiliating myself, was actually exciting the hell out of me. Oh what kind of dog? her face was so bright and cheerful. She had that cute girl next door kind of look. one of those girls you knew just loved animals. "Ah... Not sure" yeah like I knew anything about dogs.. "oh a mix breed, that's kool, they make good pets" she said with her youthful gee. I just wanted to grab the first collar I saw and get it over with.. but the girl kept going on about dogs, about her dog and what great pets they are. As she picked through the collars finally holding up one for me... My embarrassment grew as I took the pretty pink collar with Rhine stones from her hand. Did I think it would fit she wanted to know... I stood there staring at it as I turned it in my hand.. My eyes glazing over with lust.. I told her "only one way to find out.. " My hands shaking, face beet red, knees weak. I brought it up to my neck, fasten it.. It took every last bit of strength for me to look her in the face, my heart pounding in my chest.... I asked "what do you think?? does it fit me??"as I looked into her eyes, seeing confusion as she just failed to understand what was happening..... Her mouth kind of hung open for a few seconds.. she didn't say a word, just turned and walked back to register.. I took the collar off .. I wanted to just drop it and run, feeling deeply humiliated, wishing I was dead. But deep inside of me I felt something different.. a tingling building, spreading out from between my legs. God! I was shaking, I was on the edge of a climax..... I needed to touch myself and needed to do right now.... I broke out of my daze and followed her.. she came around the counter, her face confused and apprehensive, was I some kind of sick freaky woman or just playing wierd joke on her. The more she stared at me the worst I felt. Now could I have involved this young girl in this sick game of humiliation. She took the collar and rang it up.. I dug in my purse for the money... nothing had gone as I had plan... she didn't say anything.. just gave me my change. I grabbed the collar and almost ran out of the store.. I could feel her watching me.. still trying to understand what had happened. I got in my car and sat there trying to catch my breath.. my heart was racing, I was so ashamed of myself... but still my fingers slide down between my legs, lightly caressing .. damn I was masturbating right there.. I could still see the girl inside the shop.. she had watched me all the way out to my car.. Hmmmm yes... I had to get home. I stripped quickly out of my clothes, peeling down my soaked panties.. standing in front of the mirror I took out the collar and put it around my neck.. I stood there looking at myself. My finger sliding back and forth between my legs... I looked like some kind of freak standing there masturbating... I stopped myself before I came.. I had to add to it, to humiliate myself even more.. I set up my new digital camera that my mother had bought me. Snapped off picture after picture of me lewdly standing with my leg spread part, hips thrust forward, my fingers sliding in and out. .... I stared at the collar, seeing the girls face as I worked myself in to a sexual frenzy....Knowing what she must think about me.. Seeing her telling her friends about this freak that came into her store.... I exploded... knees buckling, dropping down to the floor.. one last picture.. of me totally lost in my orgasm.. After calming down I pressed the start button on my computer.. knowing I had to send the pictures now before I started feeling to guilty and deleted them.. I quickly downloaded the pictures and attached them to a quick email...telling her that here was my prove of love... I sat there for a few minutes fighting for my self respect... but lost that battle, pressed the send bottom... I laid my head down and started to cry..... It didn't take long for a reply.. damn she was laughing at me.. telling me what a pathetically sick cunt I was. That her and all of her friends were laughing at me... going on about how totally stupid I looked with that collar on ...that no self respecting person would have done this... that she never thought I would go through with it.. that she only told me to do it, just to get rid of me... Tear started falling, dripping down on to the keyboard. But since I was dumb enough to do it.. and all her friends thought it was so damn funny.. then maybe she'd keep me, after all some of her friend said what a really cute dog I was and wondered if maybe she wanted to sell me?? She told me.. No I wouldn't sell my new little puppy bitch... but I may loan her out.. you know let some of my friends take you for a walk, parading you around, but if I was going to go for walks, I'd need a leash to go with my collar... so why didn't I just go back to that store and buy a pretty pink leash to match my new pink collar... and yes I was to make sure to go to that same sells girl.... That was it... all the humiliation and guilty just pushed me over the top. my fingers were between my legs.. rubbing like mad.. god I was so fucking horny... but still the tears of shame streamed down my cheeks...as I came once again. I didn't sleep much that night, getting up early, it was Saturday and I wanted to get to the store as early as I could... I sat in my car in the parking lot right out side of the pet shop... I didn't see the girl anywhere.. I waited for over and hour before she came to work... I sat and watched her for another 20 minutes, finally she was alone in the store.. I fought going back in, but while I sat in my car I came to realize that it would only work with this girl, that I needed to further humiliate myself in her eyes...I walked up to the door, at the last second I stopped, dug the collar out of my purse and quickly fastened it around my neck.. If I was going to do this it had to be total humiliation. As I walked in she turned to look at me, started to say "Hi! may I.... " then stopped and just stared at me.. she knew who I was.. and didn't seem to like seeing me again.. 'what do you want now???" as she came closer... "Oh shit! you have it on.. god what a freak"... and turned to walk away. "ahh please could you help me? I need to find .... ah ah a ah a leash?" I finally whimpered. she stopped and turned back to look at me again.... "a leash? for your dog or ...... YOU!?" came her contempt filled reply. I stood there my eyes looking down at the floor, "its for me" I said almost in a whisper. "what did you say" she demanded. "It's for me" I say loader. I felt so stupid, my face was burning with embarrassment, my heart racing and that feeling building deep between my legs.. She led me to the leashes, picked up one, handed it to me... I told her in a voice that was barely audible, "no it has to match my collar". "OK! here this one should do" handing it to me.. my eyes never looking at her.. I just took it and attached it to my collar.. "Do you have a mirror?" I asked, as I finally looked her in the face. Standing there holding my leash up. All most as if for her to take it and led me to the mirror. She stared at me for a few seconds not saying anything. Then took the leash in her hand... held it, staring at it. And then at me. "Yes we do, but it's in the back" with a bit of a smirk on her face... "do you want me to take you back there?" God! I almost fell to my knees when she said that. I could feel the moister between my legs start to drip... I was soaking wet... I wanted nothing more than to get down on all fours and have her led me around the store. But just then the little bell on the door rang. She dropped the leash, pointed to the back, "its through that door and to the right." She turned and quickly walked off. Calling out to the new customer.... "Hi! May I help you?" I went in and stood in front of the mirror, holding up the leash, looking at it... how natural the collar looked around my neck. I could see myself naked down on all fours. Hurrying along after her. I had to get out of there. To get home... this was way too intense... I needed some kind of relief. When I came out of the back, she was waiting up at the register. I handed her a twenty dollar bill, she took it , looked at it, kind of bit her lip, then put the bill into her pocket. Then told me that it will be another $20 for the leash, then leaning closer to me... she said "doggy girl has to pay for her fun". I saw that shy smirk creeping across her face She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling with excitement... I didn't say anything, just handed her another 20, took my leash and started to leave... I turned back to her, not wanting to let it end. "ah thanks for you help". "oh! it was nothing" she said with that same bit of contempt in her voice, ." I hope you enjoyed your self, ........ dog-girl!" My legs almost buckled.. but I made it out to my car... I raced home, ran into my aptment, closing all my blinds and curtains.. stripped off my closes. I set up my camera, took the leash and tied it to the door knob.. got down on my hands and knees.. started taking picture after picture of me there with one hand between legs masturbating.. I had this image of the shop girl standing there laughing at me.. calling me a freak and maybe even leading me around... maybe even there in the pet shop.. treating me like a dog....... like her dog... mmmmmmmnnnaaagh!I came not once but twice... it was so fucking good. I hurried to send the new pictures to my lover... saying only that I loved her now more than ever... and attached the new set of photo's.. the humiliation and guilty was there, but I was to turned on to care..I had to have more.. I waited for her reply. As I waited I actually thought about going back and waiting out side the pet shop for that girl to get off work.. to maybe just follow her home.. just to know where she lived.. to sit and stare at her house, to see which room was hers.. to follow her to school, just to see her and know where she went ... I had to some how be a part of her life... Then came the reply.... she told me how cute I looked down on all fours with my new leash and collar. That she liked the way I exposed myself for her enjoyment. All her friends seemed to be enjoying the pictures, some of them wanted to know who I was and where I lived.. but not to worry she was holding on to that information.. for now anyway. There was one thing that was a problem, your hair... No! not my hair?? It seems to be way to long.. just below my shoulder... in some of the pictures it was in the way of the collar or covering your face, not that that's a bad thing, I mean your not exactly the most beautiful thing ....oh god! no, please!... I've attached a picture of what I'd like to see in your next set of photo's... now Doggy girl! what will you do?? Huh? cut off you pretty golden locks... oh is that a pair of scissors in your hand... god you are one stupid cunt. You know that this is only going to get worst, but yet you keep on.. So what's next my doggy cunt lapping bitch?? I downloaded the picture.... shit! the girl had one of those short, maybe 2" long, hair cuts, totally bleached out.. almost white... god! I won't do this...tears streamed down my cheeks. As I sat there staring at the picture, I got another email from her... she said I know what your thinking... but if you resisted cutting your hair for me now, I'll make you shave it all off when you finally come crawling back.... I just slumped down in my chair and balled my eyes out..... I knew I had no choice, I had gone to far to lose her how... it was cut it now or shave it all off later. I looked more at the picture, staring at it for a long time.. finally I decided it wouldn't be to bad.. it would be kind of a Felicity thing and well she wanted me to cut it so... I tied it up and looked at myself in the mirror.. I was still naked and the collar around my neck.. I turned this way, then that way.. the more I looked, the more the fact of cutting it was exciting me.. to do this for her.. to please her. I called and made an appointment for later that afternoon... then I got back into my car and drove to the petshop... I sat there and watched her through the widow. I had my hair all tucked up into a ball cap, I wanted to see and to feel what it was going to be like.. I still had the collar on.. my fingers touching it, as I stared in at her.. God! she was so gorgeous.. I felt like some stupid school girl with a mad crush, but no matter now humiliating it was to be falling for this girl some 4 or 5 years younger than I was. I just couldn't help myself. 2 hours later I had to tear my self away, to go to my hair appointment... I handed the stylus the picture and told her I wanted a cut like this... she looked at and back at me.. are you sure? I mean that's pretty short?? One last second of indecision, I bite my lips.. my eyes watered .."yes , cut it" I sobbed. Sitting there watching my hair falling.. my finger touch the bits of it in my lap.. the stylus is asking why I'm cutting it off.. I just want a change.. she goes on and on about making a change in her life.. complaining about her screwed up boyfriend.. Shit! what was I going to tell my boy friend?? He always loved my long hair... When I got home there was this email waiting for me... Hey! I hope you didn't cut your hair. I didn't really mean for you to.. I was just being mean... in a bad mood.. GOD DAMN IT!! I screamed out at the computer.. and I took it out on you.. I hope you weren't stupid enough to do it.. you weren't were you?? How I didn't know what to do.. she had taken my life over.. found something deep inside of me, she had brought it to light and now.. she was backing off.. I wrote her a reply telling her how totally confused I was.. that I didn't understand what she was doing.. that I had cut my hair as she told me.. attached a picture of the new me... and I needed her and I would do anything to please her.. a few minutes later came her reply, Confused, no your not confused. Your just STUPID! God! what a pathetic fool you are. I had no idea you were really this dumb Don't you see.. your nothing but a plaything to me... someone to be used and abuse, to humiliate and totally embarrass as the mood strikes me. You could have been my lover, but no! you screwed that up, didn't you? With you total denial of what you really are. So how your nothing but my dog, not a lover.. just my lowly dog.. a dog that's shows her love to her master.. by your willingness to learn new tricks to please me.. So get used to it bitch..... because that's all you are now. A bitch dog! Go run on back to your little pet shop girl and get something special. Something that will show me that you truly understand you new position in life. I was shocked, I sat there naked except for that damn collar, leash and my fucking stupid hair cut.. the shame and humiliation washing over me.. now I felt the fool, nothing but a joke in her eyes.. the eyes of the one I loved so much that I had done all these things just because she wanted me to. God how I hated her.. how I wanted nothing but to spit back in her face.. I wrote a hate fill note.. but never send it.. I sat back crying.. trying to thing of what I should do... what I could do... to make her love me. to show her I was not just a dog.. that we had more... But all I could think of..... was what could I do to show her that yes! I did understand my new position.... God! what could I do?? The phone rang.... it was my boyfriend.. I had been avoiding him all week.. and he wanted to know what was going on... I told him I needed some time.. sometime to think things over.. What things? he demanded.. I told him I wanted to break it off.. that I had to stop seeing him.. He went on and on.. saying NO! that he was coming over and we could talk.. I told him, no please don't.. But he came over anyway.. he saw my hair and said "what the fuck is going on?" I started to cry, he kissed me.. he pulled me into him arms, I tried to break away.. to stop him.. but he wanted me.. his hands were all over me.. I gave in.. I let him drag me into the bedroom.. It was easier than fighting. I crawled up on to my bed.. told him, "OK! go ahead fuck me... " I was on my hands and knees.. my ass turned to him.. swaying back and forth, inviting him to take me, just like a bitch dog would do.... He climbed behind me.. he was in me and driving hard and deep.. In my mind I could see her standing there laughing at me... damn I wish I could take pictures of this.. to show her.. that I was being a good dog for her. Afterwards I told him to get out.. to never come back again.. that we were through. I laid there for many sleepless hours.. finally I got up, didn't bother with a bath or shower, I just dressed in a simple light weight sleeveless dress. It was short and I wore no bra or panties. put my collar and leash in my purse and ran out to my car, it was still dark, but I had to get to the pet shop. I had to be there when she came to work...... I was standing naked in the back room of the petshop, she stood in front of me.. looking me up and down.. I waited for 3 hours, but was rewarded by the sight of her driving up to the store... I got out of the car and met her at the door. She didn't say anthing, just opened the door, telling me to go into the back room and wait for her. She's in front of me "Tell me does a doggy stand up in front of her master??"

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