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Hot and Sexy Tattoo Designs For Girls - This is Why I'm Hot!

Hot and Sexy Tattoo Designs For Girls - This is Why I'm Hot!

If you girls ever wanted guys tripping over with their jaws dropped every time you walked past, then you ought to get hot. And how? Well, why don't you try on some hot and sexy tattoo designs for girls?
More and more of the hottest women out there, are adding more sex appeal to their images by sporting a hot and sexy tattoo on their skin, on various parts of their bodies! One of the most noticeable things however, is that the definition of cool tattoos by these women is surely changing. You are more likely to find these sexy tattoo designs off a male tattoo studio than one for females. Why? Because more and more girls prefer bold tattoo designs than the usual cute and chic ones these days.
The Tattoo Design:
Hot tattoo designs would translate to exotic, dangerous, bold, and, you got it, erotic! Never, ever mix "cute" and "hot". A smiley or a butterfly would not make your man go gaga over your new tattoo design. The design needs to be strong to give out a feeling of sexiness and power. A dragon tattoo, perhaps toned down a bit, by accentuating its other features like face and eyes, could translate to sexy and dangerous, but being bold and different at the same time!
The Tattoo Size:
The tattoo size is quite a toughie. If you're one of those extra bold, macho women, then you wouldn't really mind covering your entire back with a sexy tattoo design, then there you have it! However, if your idea is to keep more skin, then you could perhaps go in for a medium sized tattoo, or a tattoo that's a tad bigger than the average "cute" design.
Sexiness is all about being bold and standing out. What better way to make a tattoo statement about your sexiness than flaunting a strong tattoo that you're not afraid to show off? Besides, if people need to notice it, it needs to be big!
There are many, many tattoo designers out there, but you need to be very careful while picking your design, deciding its size and picking the colors. Remember that a tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life, so you must make sure that you use the help of a professional tattoo designer to help you pick your tattoo than your randomly Google'd tattoo website. Someone who really knows their tattoos will be able to gauge what kind of a response a particular tattoo would even give you from people in general, and the effects of a particular design size, or what colors to pick for your skin tone.

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