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Does The Media Have An Impact On Infidelity In A Marriage?

Does The Media Have An Impact On Infidelity In A Marriage?

The traditional methods of marketing and advertising have been the catalyst for today's information highway. With the glossy, provocative images and fantastical ideals, infidelity in a marriage has sustained these outlets as possible root causes. Women are still portrayed as sex objects and men as power builders, but now set on a global platform. And, if you, or your partner in marriage, don't measure up to these images and ideals among your circle of friends, then problems could develop in your marriage if you aren't able to achieve along with the masses.
The media only continues to play on the expectations that young boys have for young girls to be sexy. The ever-increasing trend of teenage girls wearing tight-fitting clothes and starving themselves to fit in these clothes to show off their bodies', is ripped from the banner ads and photo galleries of fashion websites. Thus, impacting their self-image and self-esteem. Yet, these young boys are then expected to be with the pretty, sexy young girls, in turn, disrespecting those that don't fall into those categories.
Reality is, most young girls will grow into average women who never make the magazine covers or strut down the red carpet. Women, like men, are more vibrant, healthy, and attractive in their younger days. Once life events start happening, like careers, marriages, mortgages, and having babies everything in life changes. And, most people can not keep up with their health and finances, let alone stay on top of the latest fashion trends, newest sport cars, and gadgets. But, some do. And for those that do, when their partner or spouse can't meet up to those expectations they begin to look elsewhere. Or, they find what they want in someone else and that can lead to infidelity in a marriage.
If you are married, how do you communicate your desires with your spouse? Are your desires in line with the reality of your relationship? Most couples start out their marriage with the same hopes and desires and goals. But, many marriages face major problems that differently impacts the decisions each person has to make on their own. Some people never get over these life difficulties and that creates divergence in the marriage. While one person is nursing hurt emotions, the other still moves forward trying to fulfill their desires and goals. As discouraging as this may sound for the hurting spouse, it isn't so much the material things their significant other wants, as it is their wanting someone to share having those things with.
Marriage is serious business. If you are not getting what you want in your marriage, and you don't address these issues with your spouse, how big do you let your hurting void become before you do something about it? How far are you willing to go to fill it? Are you capable of having "just sex" with someone other than your spouse? If your sexual desires aren't being filled, but you adhere to the moral obligation of monogamy, do you let pornography enter the picture? If so, would you ever think how you would feel if you found out your partner was looking at pornography behind your back - lusting after, wanting someone else? Or, do you let impulsive buying and/or reckless party behavior get out of control to serve as means to fill your hurting void? Can't you see how these things cause more pain than resolutions?
The media today is full of statistics and stories of the unfaithful husband or the raunchy housewife. And, this information is a lot more accessible today via the immediacy of the internet to provide answers, yet influence your decisions, opinions, and thoughts on anything in that moment which causes impulsive, rash judgments. But, what you have to realize is that you are still ultimately in control and responsible for yourself and your actions. If you are dealing with infidelity in a marriage, then you can just as easily look for ways to solve your problems online as you can to build a case against your spouse to prove they were wrong and you were right...all along.
But, don't get caught up in the media barrage of information. Keep a balanced perspective. Always consider how you would feel if the actions you are about to take in your marriage were made upon you from your spouse.

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