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Adult literature involving orgies or group sex. These are sex stories involving men and women with multiple sex partners including gangbang stories and wild sexual group orgies.2501. Relief is Just a Phone Call Away! - After a few moments, John stopped so I could twist a little to suck Dwayne’s cock. John sat up to get a better look and exclaimed, “God, I love watching you with another man! Suck his dick hard baby!” foursome-fuck. First Foursome Experience - I freaked out for a minute and pulled Rick into the bathroom and asked what the hell was going on and he said I asked if you wanted to come over for a good fucking. I know you love cocks and don't mind anal, I figured I would fill a fantasy for you and have all your holes filled. It had shocked me that he didn't ask me first, but the thought of three cocks around me got me so aroused my pussy was getting wetter. 2448. Conservative Wife, Strange Cock - True story of conservative wife's first sexual relations with a stranger.2485. More Tea - It was about four on a Tuesday afternoon, Barbra and I where having a cup of tea in my lounge. We were comparing notes on our sex life, nothing heavy, just how often and how, that sort of thing. I did not notice but this was making me very randy. "I heard a muffled scream from the door, turned to see Susie, our twenty five year old nanny to our three year old. Dressed in a maids uniform her hands where clasped to her mouth"...2442. Goldilocks and the Three Bears - An erotic retelling of the traditional fairy- tale. "Goldilocks was shocked, but knew that she didn't have a choice. And now that she looked at him, Junior Bear was quite a sweet looking guy, despite the excessive body hair, so she agreed. Very well, please pull down your knickers and get down on the floor. Goldilocks obeyed, lifting her skirt and pulling her yellow knickers down to her knees then getting on to hands and knees facing Uncle Bear with her arse to Junior Bear. To her surprise, she could see that Uncle Bear's penis was rising into an erection already"...2437. Sometimes You Just Want to Fuck - A lonely workaholic decides to cut loose and won't stop until she's sated. "I could barely hear the guy behind me, his hips slapping against my ass while he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy. God, it felt so good. I braced my arms as best I could and followed the rhythm so I could suck off the first guy. I’d never done two guys in the same day. I’d never done two guys at the same time. This night was bursting at the seams with firsts"...2352. All She Wants to do is Fuck - Dana leaned back against his chest. Take my pussy Denny. Double up on me baby. With all that turned on nakedness in front of me, what do you think I did? Yep! I came in closer and penetrated her coochie. She yelped a little but soon recovered. Dana began rocking up, down, in, out. We got into a rhythm, Tommy & I started with one going in, one out, making her wild. She was one wild horny woman...2348. Horny Wife - Lena hasn't been fucked in days and needs it badly. She plans to make her husband give it to her, but he is suddenly called away on business. Frustrated Lena heads to the gym where she finally gets what she has been wanting. "He wanted to make sure that all her holes were fucked and that she had a mind blowing cum. The two men emploded her from both ends and she could not take it anymore."2335. From Shy Wife to Frank and Hot Wife - A story about how a husband converted his normal wife into a hot wife.. .2291. AMISHI's ever hungry Hairy, Hot and Wet Pussy Experiences the Threesome. - Horny AMISHI always craved and looked forward to unconventional sex at work and enjoyed giving BLOWJOBS the most, however her ever hungry Hairy, Hot and Wet Pussy experiences the Threesome with Kabir and Kuntal. "Horny AMISHI's always craved and looked forward to unconventional sex at work and enjoyed giving BLOWJOBS the most, however her ever hungry Hairy, Hot and Wet Pussy experiences the Threesome"...2287. Successful Seminar - After a long three day communication and technology seminar, Hampton was looking forward to a restful self-satisfying evening before waking up the next day and getting on a plane to head home. When part of his plans is disrupted due to the hotel not having enough staffing, what was seemed like the start of a bad evening became fortuitous when he met three other female members in the industry. Startled by conversation topic, Hampton becomes excited by the prospect of having his first foursome. But these women will make him earned the satisfaction that he is seeking...2269. Horny AMISHI becomes a FUCK PUPPET - Kuntal, Harshil and the likes have been whoring AMISHI for years. AMISHI perpetually has become a FUCK DOLL or a FUCK PUPPET. “My ass was stuffed and pounded by every cock in the room and even by a few beer and liquor bottles. I lost track of how many times each of the men used one of my holes. It was better than I had even imagined it would be to have lots of men let me be their cum dump. By the end of the night all the guys were tired of stuffing my holes with cock. I was covered and filled with cum..."2215. AMISHI's PUSSY Encounters Two Dicks on a Train - The gate to look at my cunt was widening slowly and I saw eagerness in the eyes of the two older men. One of them had his hand on his hard on and was slowly pressing his cock. I shifted a little in my seat and then pushed my ass forward. This made my knees go up and my cunt was now in line with the eyes of the two men. They looked intently and must have seen my pussy and then my cunt...2242. Toy Sharing - We also talked about how great some of the toys I have are at making me orgasm. Be a darling and bring my Dolphin and Travel Rabbit down for Jodi to look at would you? This was hardly a request that I would refuse and was turned on by the thought of these girls talking so intimately about their sex toys and fantasies. The girls passed the toys between each other admiring the shapes and texture.2216. AMISHI gets Ganganged by Neighbours in her own Den - They held my thighs at their side and began spreading my legs towards them. Once again I felt both of them sending their hands against my crotch simultaneously and rubbing my pussy lips through the panties. Ravi’s fingers made an entry through the panties and stroked my hair. Hamid made me lean on his chest and cupped my breasts from behind. My hands reached to their dicks and stroked them gently.2211. AMISHI does her Masters in Primary School - All four of them came near me, undressed themselves and undressed me com completely. There I was standing nude in front of four nude guys. All were laughing and specially Anant by looking at my face, helpless face. They all forced me to sit on bench, Kuntal asked, "Anant, from where should we start? Face, ass, or pussy." Ravi said, "I think we all should start together, that will give her great pleasure, right urvi?...2196. Wife being Photographed - Susan has allowed me to photograph her in sexy underwear and then stronger sexier shots. She eventually agreed to pose for members of my camera club, this was the day!! The day arrived and I had dressed our bedroom with a large sheet over the bed and appropriate lighting. I knew she was feeling nervous and she had a long bath and a few glasses of wine...2190. D’s casino connection - This is an account of a sexual encounter that seemed too good to be true. My name is Randy and here will share my version of a cold December night at a gambling casino in upstate New York. A true story, though somewhat unbelievable but true. The group of us were traveling from Vermont to Ohio to deliver several registered dogs to buyers and decided to stop at the casino to try our luck.2186. Guitar Man A True Story - “Don’t let anyone tell you that older men are not hot and sexy. Just because they are gray on the mountain does not mean there is no fire in the furnace!”2178. Exceeding all Expectations - I slide my hand between Emma's thighs, Scott following my lead. At this, I see your expression melt as he strokes your leg and your now swollen pussy and solid clit. All four of us now locked in a merry-go-round of looks between us, connected by fingers and hands.2177. Dellas Dirty Secret - She couldn’t clearly see their faces in the dark but she could see them wanking their cocks faster now, hear their breathing becoming thick and fast. She could hold back no longer and sank all her fingers deep inside her sopping wet cunt...2176. Someone Must Have Been Cheating - Clint was fucking me bent over. Barbara playing with Clint’s balls and Tony had his dick between Barbara’s titties fucking them for all it was worth. Clint, Bob, Tony, Ron, Sue, Cindy, Barbara, Ruth & I as there was pussy eating, cock sucking, and the beginning of a true fuck fest we all were all like snakes in search of a mate in this giant slimy fuck ball. neighbor-sex. Neighbors and Group Sex - She took a long languorous deep breath. Her mouth lost its tenseness. It was pouting and soft and luscious and I felt her whole body relax under me. I felt it grow warm and open to me. She wound her arms around my neck and her hips moved against me. finger-fuck-orgasm. Lashways Lease - How many times had she lay awake at night and finger fucked herself to an unsatisfying orgasm? How many nights had she spent, covered in sweat thinking about Bruce’s soft touch and hard thighs...1903. Group Sex in a Hotel Room in Kansas - I opened the door and this Beautiful petite black chick was standing there com completely naked. She started talking like nothing was going on, like her nakedness was not uncommon. Her shaven little pussy was out in the open as she tweeked her long dark pink nipples.2056. The Day They Turned me into a Slut - Part 2 - This is the next part of the story of my life.. Another piece of the puzzle that explains why I am like I am. It's the story of my "casting" for an adult-movie and how much I enjoyed doing what pornstars usually do! ;-)2111. Mistress of Misery - Vic was bored with his sex life. His girlfriends never did learn how to please him, and they weren’t even willing to try. So he decided to finally do something about his lack of satisfaction. Vic went to a local adult bookstore and got some sex and swingers magazines.2128. Chelseas Black Cock Gangbang - I ended up straddling a naked David, his 10 inch cock stabbing up under my skirt. Before I could protest, he pulled my thong to the side, grabbed my waist and forced the head of his dick into my soaking tight pussy.2032. Gemma's Fantasy - My wife always fantasises about the young student who works in the holidays at the supermarket. Then he turned up at her party.... I exploded into her mouth, hot spurts of volcanic eruption like spunk as my full balls emptied into her accepting mouth. I bent forward and we kissed passionately after my softening dick dropped from her mouth. We shared the taste of cum on her lips from the beads that has escaped being swallowed.2030. Madison’s Cure - Will sexy Madison be able to stop John from working so hard when she brings in sultry Alicia? Will "Madison's Cure" work? Madison started to turn away but was held fast by Alicia’s strong grip. “You wanted this Madison, so don’t shy away. Both of us love your body, ” she unhooked the black bra and let the straps slide down Madison’s shoulders. “Don’t we, John?”...1990. A Very Messy Birthday Present - Up I went, lifting up her skirt, until I was nuzzling her plain white knickers, her short and curly pubic hair forming a cushion, and smelling the musk from the damp patch over her hole. Slipping my fingers under the waistband, I drew the knickers down, leaving them hooked around her left foot and set about eating her pussy. I slurped at her little hole, poking my tongue in, then kissed and sucked her clit with a finger inside her. I loved it, and could have gone on for hours if I hadn't been called up by Ayumi to kiss her lips...1931. Being passed around - I watched as I gagged on a huge black cock, I have never been with a black guy but there I was, sucking a big black cock into my mouth and rolling my tongue around the head. I looked like a crazy whore sucking cocks and the guys constantly encouraging me but I was also getting turned on sitting on this couch in front of the guys as I was watching myself. 1930. Sally Meets the Neighbors - Sally rolled on her back and spread her legs. Bob crawled between her legs and resumed the work he had been doing when I first entered the room. Chuck laid on the bed beside them, stroking his cock and awaiting his turn. I got a couple of photos of the three of them on the bed then zoomed in for photos of Bob's cock sliding in and out of my wife.1829. Wanna be Bi - I was rubbin' Paxton’s love muscle from the tip to the base, but he was engrossed in this stupid basketball game. “Paxton” I said, “Hon. I have been feeling ah little strange lately. I’ve been attracted to women and wondered if we could have us a three- some.1805. Glory Hole Switch - So my girlfriend and I had decided we wanted to visit the local adult store to try out a little gloryhole fun. We had watched videos together and she always said she's like to see me getting my cock sucked through the hole, and who am I to turn down getting head, eh?1793. Sallys Fourth of July Picnic - Sally, her husband Stan, and friend Angela enjoy a threesome during a Fourth of July picnic, then are joined by a friendly fisherman.1785. Camp Fire Orgy - He took my breasts and roughly kneading them like raw pie dough. Sucking my nipples hard made it worse. I had to fuck someone and Tyrone was the dick I wanted. I stood up and straddled his legs and sat in his lap. My cunt was seconds from being impelled by this blood filled black cock.1778. Our Great Orgy - He shot his sperm down my neck in heartbeats. Every time his heart would beat I had another wad coming from his monster dick. He didn’t stop until I was having trouble swallowing his seed. He pulled his cock out of my gullet and he spewed the last few gobs on my titties. It seemed there was enough to fill a shot glass past the fill line.1779. A Pleasant Surprise - I slipped my shoes off and walked to the living room with Kenny. As I entered the room I could see two girls sitting on the couch. Sue, a friend of Kenny's, and a blonde girl I had never seen before. Sue had a reputation for being slut at school, and from my vantage point, I was beginning to see it was a reputation that was well deserved.1745. Z at the Theater - A week later Z was still tingling. She thought about the adult theater for the whole week after it had happened. She had the wonderment in her mind and the tingle/itch in her pussy. She had called me a few times but I couldn’t get away. There were two things that she couldn’t get out of her mind--the black man experience and the “let us know when you are coming back. It will be good for business.”1713. A Fun Friend Part 3 - My wife is having the time of her life and I gave it to her. Jack is bouncing her up and down on his cock he now has her cum dripping from his balls1712. A Fun Friend Part 2 A Treat For The Other Man - So I take his cock guide it toward your waiting hot wet pussy you slide down on him as I am sucking his balls you begin riding his cock. 1711. A FUN FRIEND part 1 - And then my fantasy becomes a reality. He buries is rock hard cock deep within my wife’s pussy and it looks better than I could of ever imagined so hot I can feel her whole body like an earth quake she is screaming oh my god fuck me your cock feels so good fuck me harder fuck me...1706. she loves gangbangs - She was wearing a red blazer, short plaid kilt skirt and stockings. I had already gotten her out of her panties playing with her on the way from Mooresville to Gastonia. We got inside and started looking around. We could hear a lot of sex sounds but weren't sure if they were coming from the movie or where.1639. Sallys Hedonistic Pleasures - Stan and Sally visit resort in Jamaica where their fantasies are realized... As I watched and photographed my slut wife being fucked by a man she hardly knew, I thought back to the chain of events that had brought us to this place. 1589. Our second time with friends - The second time we got together with our friends was just great , fresh cream and stawberries spread all over my wifes body while she lay across the table. this is a true story and happen on saturday the o6 december 08 1588. Hot Cowboys in Vegas - The country band was playing loud & bar so crammed full of cowboys, cowgirls. Looking around we saw gents and ladies in long evening gowns. Barb & I just walked around looking at all the pretty cowboys in the tight blue jeans with a bulge in front.1578. Jack and Jill - Yes my name is Jack and I met this woman Jill, she changed my life forever and so did her daughter. 1575. My wife wants to watch me - My wife and I share many fantasies, but I didn't know about this one. MMF 1236. Slechts Groot - Part One - A capture of the 1970 time period in Amsterdam, when one of the most famous brothels in the world coexisted with one of the most secret brothels in the world. That year, a married dark haired American beauty joined the staff of that most famous brothel in Amsterdam. Her experiences there, and next door at the most secret brothel, were emotionally and physically life changing. 1382. Slechts Groot - translation: Only The Large - Part Two - The second part of a story that has now been divided into three sections. The basic premise is that of a young American beauty who joined one of the most famous brothels of the 1960s and 1970s era in Amsterdam, "Aardbei". But working there meant that she was also associated with the most secret brothel of the same era, "Slechts Groot". 1383. Slechts Groot - translation: Only The Large - Part Three - The excitement of working in Amsterdam brothels of the 1960s and 1970s quickly increases and peaks. CAUTION: while this third section com completes a single story. You may wish to stop with part two. It is appropriate that the startling conclusion of Slechts Groot is being published just prior to Halloween. 1563. Getting Spoiled - I looked at the mirrow and was attracted to my own beauty, I never saw me sexy like that ever before. I walked down the aisle to the living room as I saw her sitting with her legs up , no panties on. 1556. AFTERNOON DELIGHT - Her legs were open wide, and she was playing with herself, while another man was jerking off watching... 1490. Halloween Treat - He slid a couch pillow under my ass to raze my ass higher in the air. He knelt between my legs and began to blow up this condom inside me. Damn what a feeling. This filled the void of my pussy with light pressure surrounding the interior walls and then he would release some air from the condom. Oh that feel of that latex condom. This had never been done to my pussy before. It felt so sensational. It’s hard to describe! 1481. Angelica her first gang bang - She spread her legs slightly and gave me the best view ever, all this time her husband was setting me up for her first gang bang, he wanted me to join in, but I didn't know it yet.1479. The Guest - I was sitting there waiting for my son in law to drop off my granddaughter so he could study, but she came instead. 1473. An Anniversary Gift - I spread my legs apart to give her access to my shaven pussy. Susie lightly slid her finger up to my hidden clit as she pinched my clit. I felt pressure building. This was something I was not used to. Susie kissed me hard and fingered my cunt in unison. 1471. Untitled Story - She always wanted me to fuck her like insane but her dreams came true in a slight twisted manner! 1464. Helping my neighbor and her sister - I sat the glasses down by each of them and they turned to get the glass, this afforded me a great look at each of them, so I pulled off my shorts, I had already pulled off my shoes and socks, and my shirt, all I had on was my shorts, so when they dropped, they both got a good look at my manhood. 1461. Neighborhood Sex - The Finale - The next night came and I fucked them all like a good little naughty girl. One in my ass, one in my pussy and another in my mouth was almost too much to handle but I did it.1415. Someone was Cheating at Poker - After the awards were handed out & the banquet was winding down, it was the normal BS sessions & I didn’t even take this to heart in the office. I wasn’t going to listen to this crap here. I headed to the wet bar, I wanted another drink. 1404. Neighborhood Sex Part 2 - Standing before me in a muscle t-shirt that showed his cut arms and board shorts that showed his sexy ass. I got weak at the knees as I invited him in. Closing the door behind him, I lead him to the kitchen then the outside. Knowing he was looking at my tight ass and my long tone legs, I flirted a little by wiggling my ass for him.1405. My Best Halloween Ch 2 - I licked my lips hungrily, flashed Jim a seductive come fuck me look, and suggested, I for one cannot wait to see what kind of action, lay ahead for the four of us. 1370. My Wifes Slutty Friend - My wive has a sexy slutty frend called Minky. 32 d cup breasts dark hair, brown eyes and boy what a ass! It all started one weekend when minky came to visit up . She was dressed to kill in a minni skirt and tank top. 1364. Sarah And The Clods - Sarah was the newest member of the group and the youngest at 21. She was John's wife of just eighteen months. John raced sports cars for a living, and was one of the messy divorce guys. 1342. Neighborhood Sex - I noticed our neighbor across the street. He was tall, dark hair and skin and obviously kept in shape too. When my husband returned home from work, I had a nice romantic dinner ready and was so aroused from meeting the new neighbor. I dressed in a low cut blouse, short skirt and high heels. 1277. Names Changed to Protect the Guilty - My breasts are 36C’s. Lucy’s were a good D cup. It was a tight on her titties. She put it on and had to tuck those big D tits in a C cup. “Is this ok Lynn? “ Yeah, it looks like the cup runnith over a little Huh?” We laughed a little and gave each other a hug. 1273. My Dirty Wife - She has the most beautiful legs on any woman I have had the pleasure of. Long, slim and soft and seem to wrap all the way around you during those special moments. 1255. My Hot Bi Sister - Part 2 - She walked over dropped to her knees and started kissing and licking the head of now wat was a 12" hardon lisa told sara to take off her skirt and thong so she did and carried on giving me head, lisa lay on her back underneath sara and started licking her pussy. 1177. Grand Mothers Need Sex Too - Because older women loose the luster of a young woman, they are often viewed as being over the hill. But that's not true. Their experience and stability make them beautiful lovers for any man. And for a young virgin boy, they always make the best sex teachers. lily-partygirl. Lily at the Party - She smiled at me brightly and seemed to relax as I pulled her closer to me. Danielle and Chris were putting on a great show and I could feel myself getting excited. I hoped Lily was feeling the same because I had big plans for her. We watched together for another ten minutes and I refilled Lily’s drink. 1111. Lilys Car Trouble - Minutes later I pulled up to our house and held the door open again for Lily and again caught a glimpse of her panties and nice legs. We went inside out of the rain and Lily called for help. We left her alone in the living room to make her call and went into the kitchen and mixed us all some drinks. My wife started to talk to me in a whisper about Lily and I felt my heart start to race. sexy-lily. Lily in the Big Easy - I looked at her face and saw a shy young lady with a very sweet smile. She sipped her drink as her boyfriend watched the dancers. I could see his hand on her knee, moving up and down her thigh. I sat back and enjoyed the sights and consumed a few more beverages. 1095. Unexpected Threesome - Just then Sam opened the door & came in. “Sam, Damn-it Don’t you know how to knock? Lucy didn’t even try to cover up. She stood there while Sam was gazing at her magnifenct body. He said he was sorry for barging in, but it was ½ time he wanted to know what we were doing. Lucy asked me if he could feel her new boobs. 1092. Threesome on the Eighth Tee - “Yeah I mean those. You can use those nipples as aiming points, if you keep your nipples pointed at the ball. You will never top it” We all laughed. We played the 5th 6th & 7th hole before it started to rain.1083. The Cop and My Husband - Work had been strenuous, a long and hot sweaty kind of day that leaves you exhausted. The bath was calling my name, so I filled it up with hot water and sweet smelling baths salts that guaranteed to take the aches and pains away. 1050. What a Morning - I was just layIng In my bed, gettIng ready to go back to sleep when I got a text message on my phone. "I’m horny and I need your dIck In me" "I got a lIl surprIsed for u when u get up here. ;-)" Jane. Janes Sexual Awakening - I was working in France at the time of this episode. My wife Jane and I were in our late thirties and we kept ourselves slim and fit. Jane is very attractive and has longish dark hair (normally worn down), green eyes and has retained her great figure even after having two children. She has a beautiful pair of breasts and a sexy backside. pattaya- beach. Pattaya Beach Thailand - I love the feel of a standing-up climax, a shake-all over, weak-kneed, breathless thrill of emotion that buckles your knees and makes you feel faint. 1016. Another Fine Mess - Back in February I submitted a true story about my wife and I going on holiday to the Gambia. My wife for the first time in our 15 year marriage was fucked by a black male called Solomon. This is just to let readers know how things have progressed. 1010. Getting Fucked by Strangers - So he entered his cock up between my legs and held my thighs and gave me the biggest happy smile ever. 964. Three Men in One Night - A boy and I came together for a slow dance, his erect penis in my groin, probing back and forth while I helped him with my hands on his buttocks. My tits were slick with sweat. I didn't resist as he maneuvered me to the sofa against one wall. 957. The Brothers Winston - I check my self in the mirror one last time before I leave. I left my hair down just put some big soft curls into it.. A little mascara and pink lipstick.. My yellow sundress fits me perfectly.. Hugs the right places but still covers everything.. 958. The Brothers Winston and Friends - Several days have past since being with the 3 brothers.. My body needed to recover from what it just went through.. All I've done has been lounge around the house and pool..928. Beaver Hunt - I could hear my husband moaning behind me as the sound of Suzie sucking his cock became louder and fiercer. beach-gangbang. Beach Gangbang - We reached the area in a clearing and she looked amazing on her back, tits glistening in the sun and her pink pussy lips visible. Each guy was amazed at her body and all started taking pics and videos of her with their phones and cameras. I thought this was as far as it would go! hot-wife. Hot Wife - One day she was shopping at the mall and she saw a young woman being followed be several young men. She noticed that every now and then, the girl would stop and bend over or raise a leg or stretch across something. When she did this it would expose the slit between her legs. 882. Strange Sex With Strangers - He parted my legs wider and came near to my pussy. wow!! You have super smooth pussy and no hair too, told he. He gave a slight kiss on it and then sucked the outer lips. He was sucking like sucking juice from an orange. I was not reacting and just closed my eyes. He entered his tongue in my hole and gave a deep lick inside and a current passed in me.881. Incredible Fuck - His cock was right in front of my mouth and he again told to take it in my mouth. I once again said no please no I cant it's so big. 880. The Best Threesome - The afternoon when I received a call to reach Ranaji's farmhouse I was waiting for it. I was dressed in my best see thru black saree and sleeveless blouse that accentuated my firm a bit heavy breasts and the saree was wrapped so tight that the shape of my buttocks was inviting too. I had shaved my thighs and arms today itself and even my pussy. 873. Harper Valley: Pleasure Dome - The seventh Harper recollection. Girls certainly will be girls when they have a mind to be - Giggling uncontrollably as the man fondling her breasts with delirious enthusiasm, whispered something to her, she suddenly found herself, or rather her hot little pussy, a custom-made receptacle for the special-delivery being undertaken by the rather tightly-wound gentleman driving up hard between her legs behind her. 869. Group Fuck with Oldies - He slowly removed my bra strap from shoulder and started kissing bare shoulder. Seeing this one removed other bra strap and slide fingers from shoulder to armpits and then below on chest. 868. Caught - Sex Story - I would like to share with you something that happened to me recently, I still can’t believe it happen but at the time I really enjoyed it and I’d never done anything like it before.865. Threesome Sex - I have been married to my wife for 15 years, Sex has always been good until just recently. I work long hours and the occasions we do get to make love, It was all over in minutes. I do not blame myself too much for this, you see my wife has never had kids, and when I put my cock inside her, her tight pussy has me spunking in seconds.864. Sex Therapy 101 - I long to have Brandon run his long tongue between my pussy lips and suck on my clit. He just does not seem to want to satisfy me anymore. I was at a loss as to what to do and then a co worker of mine suggested a sex therapy class that changed her life and put the spark back in her marriage. 861. The Toy Shop - She started watching a sex scene on the screen as she lifted up her skirt and slipped her panties off. She took her sheer flimsy top off and slowly began rubbing her nipples while closing her eyes and dreaming of being the girl on the screen getting her brains screwed out. 860. The Substitute - Just as the principal pulled out someone flipped me over and stuck his cock in my ass, as I started to scream another cock was shoved into my mouth. Tina started licking and sucking my clit and that sent my body into a pure numbness as the greatest feeling of pleasure took over. 859. The Neighbor - Bert moved around me and gently kissed my lips letting me taste my own sweet juice. Steve moved down below and slowly licked around my clit and between my wet lips enjoying the sweet taste of my cum. Steve then slowly slid his dick into my waiting cunt, filling me with his massive shaft. 858. Richs Valentines Gift - I slowly slip her dress down exposing her ample and creamy looking breasts. I can see her nipples hard as I feel my own get hard as a rock. I lean down taking one nipple into my mouth sucking it tenderly, she begins to slowly moan.857. Bus Ride - His wife started wiping away my tears and told me to relax and enjoy it as she slid down underneath me and began to lick and fuck my pussy with her tongue. All of a sudden everything started to change as a wave of pleasure started to devour my body from deep inside. The pain was disappearing and the excitement was taking over as his cock kept pounding my ass hole harder and harder 854. A Night out on the Town - A night out on the town with a group of your girlfriends. The group is having a great time, at the dance club. You along with your other friends, are having a great time, dancing, and drinking, and driving the men of the club wild. 849. If You are Going to Harper Valley Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair - These fortnightly gatherings were playing havoc with our lives. If you think cigarettes are hard enough to give up, try cutting down on skimpy little knickers and push-up bras once you have a taste for both...as it were!828. Harper Valley: The Way Forward - You would assume home is the safest place to be for a couple of "eager" shall we say, teenage daughters. I would have thought so too. Just how wrong can you be? 802. Harper Valley 4: Endgame - That frenetic weekend party rocks on. My two daughters learn rather more than Doctor Seuss ever had in mind. 796. Split Personality - Four middle aged guys get lucky when they discover that a demure temptress has an unlikley secret. 794. Hello Harper Valley - Goodbye Innocence - I guess I knew deep down it was always going to come to this. To offer up a daughter's innocence however is hardly a step one can take lightly! 791. To Love Honor and Obey - It is only now, when I look back over the many stories I have compiled, that I am beginning to realize the extent to which my life has been governed by extreme sexual experience. It is almost as if God had singled me out at birth as a terrestrial beta site, to monitor the effects on the human condition of aggravated sexual opportunity. Whether or not you the reader, can accept the truth of this latest disclosure, matters not one iota. The fact is, that despite all the attending circumstances and the ensuing marital dysfunctionality, that particular evening remains a searing indictment of human weakness but equally, the hottest sexual encounter I have ever had the dubious privilege of participating in - and that to include the machinations of Harper Valley. 782. Return to Harper Valley - The party of dreams rocks on. Proof indeed that there is a God after all! ...Looking across the room momentarily, I saw Jerry’s daughter Michelle, sitting abstractedly on a woman’s lap of all things, watching her father fuck the life out of a really cute little blonde who was face-down on the carpet with a cushion up under her hips... 734. Group Sex - One of the highlights of our swinging sessions is when Frank pulls his salami out of my wife just before he comes. Cindy tells me to grab his dick and start jacking him off, pointing the big mushroom head at her face. She lightly licks his pee-hole while I slowly milk the big monster. 728. Anonymous Gangbang - One of the most stimulating sexual turn-ons for me and my husband is to tell each other about our sexual meetings with other people. Jay is never more aroused than when I relate in graphic detail my sex with another man. I, in turn, get off listening to him describe how he fucks other women. holiday-gangbang. Holiday Gangbang - My girlfriend and I have always had a great and varied sex life. Recently we have been telling each other our fantasies when fucking. To my surprise some months ago as i was about to unload over her arse she said she always thought about taking on more than 1 cock. 721. My Sex Slave - Now I was fingering her pussy while still sucking on her tits. After a few moments I moved her dress all the way up, so it was just around her hips. Now I was going down on her and massaged her clit with both hands and shortly after that I removed her panties. 706. My Wife Loves Two Cocks - I can still remember what that was like, feeling the vibration of her moans as I kissed her neck. Reaching down to feel her wet pussy only to find that Jeff's fingers were already inside her. She then reached down for Jeff's head slowly pulling it up and said, "I want to ride you!" 691. Gangbanged Girlfriend - It didn't take long before one of the guys had mounded Cathy and was thrusting away, grunting in rhythm with his thrusts. I found my dick was hard again and I started stroking myself as I watched my frat brother fucking my girlfriend like a sex machine. butt-plug. Butt Plug Fun - I smiled as I placed the large butt-plug alongside the other items. This monster was 6" long and shaped so that once inserted in the anus it was difficult to remove. I'd had one used on me at one the swingers' parties but that one was only 3" long and quite narrow. This thing was huge.680. Horny - Lisa is a beautiful woman -- brunette, hazel eyes that would change colors some times. I have seen her in a bikini; she looks great, her ass screams to be fucked. If Bob was not a good friend I would have tried to fuck her already, you see I never married so love to play the field.673. Busted - It seemed that there were a LOT of trucks on the road that day, but it's probably my imagination. Anyway, about 10 miles out my husband said, "Okay Paula, you little cunt. I think you should show Steve your appreciation for being seen with a slut like you in public." wifefuckedstory. BBW Cuckold Husband - The very first time I saw my wife get fucked was not planned and is still not clear to me if I enjoyed it. It happened because I owed money to some really nasty guys, money my wife didn't know I had borrowed until the boys came calling looking for it.641. Learning secret desires - Never touching another woman before Lisa pushed my mouth to her nipple, As I started to suck on it, she slid her finger inside me and I moaned around a mouth full of tit. It tasted so good, even better after she rubbed my pussy juice on it. 613. Birthday Party Orgasm - I was tryin on a new outfit bought for me by another couple when she walked into the bedroom... groupsexstory. Blowin my mind - It all started after the BBQ, the girls dared us to kiss... I have seen my wife pinch and fondle other womens tits before in play, but never has she even inclined to being with a woman, never the less kiss one. They both looked at each other in amazment, that they would be called on for such a task, but without hesitation, they both got up and met each other halfway. threesometale. First threesome - A surprise threesome with wife and friend. We had prepared a bed in a spare room with a mattress-cover that had a big soft bathsheet over it and several soft cushions. Dave and Gloria immediately began undressing each other. Dave groaned as he saw Gloria in her see-through sexy undies for the first time strippoker. Strip Poker Sex - Mike dealt the cards and I lost again. I started to slide out of my panties without getting up from the table. Ted said, "stop and stand up, then take them off." I stood up and slid my panties down over hips, exposing my blond bush, and down my legs, and kicked them off. Four losing hands in a row, and I was sitting there naked, with four men, at the card table in our basement! kidnapped. Kidnapped Sex Slave - Out of the corner of her eye Amanda saw one of the cameras turning directly towards them, but as she was about to say something, she felt tongues licking all over her ripe young body! Amanda had never been with a woman before but was powerless to stop the three girls from devouring her. threesomes. Sharing my Wife - After reading an article by Peter about sharing his wife with another man and enjoying the sex afterwards I thought, he hasn't described the half of it! So here is my experience. orgyparty. The Orgy Party - June pulled away from him and took his hand. They threaded their way through the swaying couples and went out through the sliding glass doors onto the patio. There were two other couples dancing in the semi-darkness away from the light which came through the sliding glass door. threesome-sex-story. Threesome Sex Story - Then I looked down at Kathy's cute asshole, withdrew my cock from Marlee's mouth and plunge back up Kathy's anus. I gave her a couple quick eight-inch lengths up her back hole then pulled out shooting sperm into Marlee's face. She opened her mouth catching the torrents of jism shooting from me.520. Sharing My Wife - A True Story - I do not know exactly when, I changed. I used to be the Very, Very Jealous kind of bloke, heaven help anyone who looked at my wife, let alone dare ask her to dance! wife-laid. My Wife gets Laid - Randy always opened the place up and Phyllis always arrived early to get the counter ready. Phyllis said she was making the coffee when, like a homing pigeon, Randy came up behind her in the warehouse and grabbed her hips and pressed his groin into her ass. horny. I am so Horny - She felt Bradley behind her, stroking his cock up and down her own dripping slit, and she shuddered. When he put just the head of his manhood at the opening to her body, she drew a deep breath. your-turn. Your Turn - Gradually we undressed one another and held each other close, kissing. As we sank slowly to the floor, I turned out the last light, and slid one of those big pillows under Jeri. I began caressing her arms, her breasts, her tummy, her thighs, her everything. fuck- club. The Initiation - When I was eighteen...well developed with big tits and a hairy bush...I was taken to my first sex party. The party was at a farm belonging to one of my father's business friends. When we got there in mid-afternoon everyone was already naked. privatestud. Her Private Stud - As I opened the door to the bedroom, I saw Jeff and Terri sitting on the bed. They were both fully clothed, but it was still very obvious that they had been doing a little more than talking Jeff's shirt was undone, and there were a few red lipstick marks on his chest Terri's shirt was undone, her braless breasts exposed, and her nipples were sticking out hard They both looked a little "flush" and they both smiled as they saw me open the door. The_Wives. The Wives - While I was watching, I felt Gabriella grab my cock and pull me toward her. I stuck my hand in her blouse and discovered her hard nipples. Bridal_Gangbang. Bridal Gangbang - A New Bride enjoys a Gangbang - Dicks started popping out and it seemed like there were a hundred hands feeling me up. I slowly leaned forward and licked the first cock, knowing that there would be someone behind me looking at my ass. swinging_sex. A Girl Goes Wild - Last summer, Paul got a webcam and started chatting on MSN a lot. I gave him his space and I knew that he was talking about sex, because he would come to bed with a throbbing hard-on and fuck me like an animal. Very soon after he got the webcam, he asked me to join him in the den and meet a couple he was chatting with. 307. BusinessTrip Sexscapades - Sue came next re complete with moans and swearing filling Donna's mouth and face with her slick juices as she moved back forcing the dildo Eileen was wielding deep up her anus. And finally I and Donna came together as she rammed her tight pussy down on my straining cock covering my cock and balls with her hot cunt juice as I pumped a big load load of my sperm up her tight hot love canal. 298. 38DD breasts - Big tits" ../uploads/image_001 align=left border=0> Reader submitted sex story - As he stepped in with me a wave of passion swept over me and I reached out and wound my fingers around his thick penis. fisting. The Best Sex Of My Life - Group sex story - Threesome - Gwen started sucking Andy's ear. She was moving her ass around in the air a lot. My panties were starting to get wet. best-blowjob. Best Blowjob - Best blowjob sex story. As the rest of the guests watch the couple's progress the man and woman move toward the couch, where she sits and focuses on the erection pointing at her from between her lovers thighs. burglary. Burglary - Sexy story involving 2 girls who offered sex in exchange for freedom - I saw that Sonya also was seeing something she had never seen before, her best friend's cunt, gaping open, a coke bottle almost disappearing inside it. "Look how far in she puts it! And see how big it is to go in her like that. How does she do it?", Sonya asked, amazed. sales-day_. Sales Day - This was gonna take more than one round and I was beginning to have doubts I coul d last more than one round. My strategy, if you could call it that, was to find out how tight and how deep each pussy was and coupling that with other indications, perhaps I could guess who all of them were. So I said, "Would everybody kneel with their butts facing out. I want to stick my prick in each of your cunts for a second to see if I can detect any differences. The murmurs and oohs and aahs seemed to indicate some sort of approval or disapproval, I couldn't tell which, but as I progressed all of them were down on their knees and all I had to do was feel for the hole and doggy fashion it and decide. free-for- all. Free for All - After our short but erotic kissing session, I pulled opened the snaps of my teddy then moved myself around and on him 69, immediately taking his cock into my mouth, sliding my lips up and down the entire shaft, while at the same time, Jerry's tongue moved over every inch of my cunt, darting in and out of my hole, then hungrily licked my love bud. After only about 10 minutes of making love to his cock with my mouth he began moaning, then felt his cock began to swell, then BOOM, felt as his hot load hit the back of my throat. the-tease. The Tease - He gave me a dazzling smile and brought his hard cock up to the entrance to Heather's asshole. She whined a bit as he eased it in and I suggested he put it in her pussy to get it a little lubricated. He slid it into her sopping pussy and did a few strokes before placing it in her asshole again. This time it eased into her. We all watched as his cock disappeared into her ass. Heather gasped as she took him. sydney-party. Sydney Party - We both sat on the couch, smoking away, feeling very rosy and relaxed. We were both very excited. My cock was already rock hard, Jane grabbed it through the robe, and she whispered that she was very excited as well. She said that her pussy was dripping and she was on a high. I went to feel her pussy, but she reminded me of the rules of the house, sex is only in the activity room.223. New York - "Don't be embarrassed." he said tenderly, his hands starting to roam the soft flesh. As he moved from one spot to another he would tell me it was beautiful all the while watching my eyes follow his hands in the mirror. "Your breasts are beautiful, your stomach is beautiful, your hips are beautiful, your ass is beautiful, your pussy is beautiful" That's where he stopped. His hands sliding between my bare thighs, fingers teasing the softness there. He ran his finger up along my wet slit letting himself sneak inside. virtual_strangers. Whet Appetites Of Virtual Strangers - The wetness from my pussy, which was evoked from my thoughts, made me crave some release. I quickly opened my bra up and started cupping my large tits. Resisting no longer, my wet tongue began licking them hungrily. After satisfying that urge, my warm mouth started eagerly sucking my ripe and ready pink nipples, just like I hoped Tim would tonight. surprise-gang-bang. Surprise Gang Bang - I started rubbing her leg and moved to her upper thigh but she stopped me and said I could not touch until we got home. Then she proceeded to open her coat and exposed not her naked breast but her nipples popping out of a new cutaway bra she had on. She started rubbing her nipples and telling me how horny she was and how she wanted to be a naughty girl tonight. Then she reached down and started fingering her pussy through the opening in the matching crotch-less panties. first- group-sex. Our First Group Sex Experience - The kissing couple started to feel each other up through the towels. It sort of happened at once but both their towels fell to the ground. He was already very aroused and her hands were rubbing his cock up and down. His hands were not idle but were fondling her breasts. The whole time they were doing this they did not break their kiss. The towels falling to the floor were the definite signal for most in the room. Another couple from the pool were also kissing each other and fondling under their towels. lesson-success. Lesson in Success - I must have stood there in a daze for a few seconds because I remember suddenly realizing that I still had my skirt pulled up. I quickly dropped it and turned to leave his office. As I did so, I noticed that my pussy was soaking wet. Just as I was about to open the door Phil came up behind me and put his arms around me. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. I just stood there as he began to caress my breasts. I was about to object and dash out the door when my remaining resolve vanished. I let him feel me and then he ran one of his hands down and reached under my skirt to rub my pussy through my panties. strip-poker. Strip Poker - We sat down to play a game of spades with Rhonda being my partner. The rule was, whoever lost a hand, that team had to do a shot of Tequila. It didn't take long before everyone was feeling good and a bit warm. The girls started to object the continuation of shots, so we suggested that a piece of clothing could be discarded as substitute. Everyone agreed and I have to admit, I didn't mind losing that often because as I did...so did Rhonda. Muffys-Muff. Free sex stories - Muffy's Muff - After what seemed like 10 minutes, their orgasms finally subsided. Mike withdrew form her well-fucked channel and Muffy collapsed onto the carpet. Mike lay down next to her and seemed to pass out. After a minute of catching her breath, Muffy flipped over on her back and lay her tousled blonde head on Mike's outstretched arm. She opened her eyes and found Ed looking right into them from up on the couch. Dream_Vacation. Dream Vacation - Erotica - As the music played I could see Zacks hips pushing into hers. His hands slowly moved over her ass cheeks and seemed to move in a slow circular motion on her ass. As they would turn on the dance floor they would each look at me with a playful grin I was surprised because I thought Trish would take offence to Zacks advances but I guess she was drunk and having a good time. I was so hard right now I could have touched my self and cum. I had always fantasized about my wife being with another man but never persued it because I felt it would have to be with some one that I could trust.... big-bear. Big Bear Weekend - Group sex story - one guy 3 girls - I was in my office fantasizing about fucking Peggy. She was ripe, bit-titted and luscious, and she worked down the hall. I had fucked her in the ass one night in the office after closing time when I had caught her masturbating in the lounge. have-fun. Just Having Fun - Erotic group sex story - The more I licked the hotter I got and the more I got into giving Kim head. Kim was rocking her hips up and down against my mouth, and I found her clit and sucked it. She moaned and about that time let Jill get off her face. Jill gasped when she saw me sucking on Kim, but I could feel Kim about to come, and I didn't want to stop. Kim arched up while I flicked my tongue over her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I felt her hands grab my head and push my face hard against her pussy. I could feel her juices making my face slippery, and my own pussy felt like it was just drenched. I worked a finger inside her and that did it. Kim came and she locked her legs around my head, grinding her pussy into my face. wife-swap. Wife Swap - When Sue returned, Denny and I were sitting in chairs and she went over and sat on the bed facing us. You could tell by the look on her face, she was very nervous!! I gave her a reassuring wink and told her Denny and I had talked and he would take good care of her. She started to relax a little and crossed her legs, showing alot of great looking leg. force_of_nature_. Force of Nature - Group sex story - Linda greedily took the boys cock in her hand and climbed over him with her thighs on each side of his strong masculine hips. Linda lowered herself onto Andy's hard teenaged cock and closed her eyes in ecstasy as she felt his hard yet soft cock slip all the way home. 'God it felt wonderful after so long without, ' she thought, as she rode the boy to another orgasm. bar-bang. Group sex story - BarBang - Group sex story - "What'll you have, Miss?" the bartender asked looking directly at her tits pressing against the tight dress. "I'd like something strong. Would you suggest something to me? I don't come in bars too ofter. Wait, I think I'll have a screwdriver." "OK but that's not too strong. I recommend the house special, a Sling." He mixed the drink and put in front of her. Jenny's eyes lit up. Already she was feeling better. She sipped the drink. "Mmmmm, great. Just what I need. I'll have another." "Careful lady, those will put you out." "Just what I need." "Oh? Problems lady." The bartender was interested. the- switch. Group sex story - The Switch - Group sex story - I started in on Jenny first so Lisa could watch us. I played with Jenny's tit and watched Lisa watching us as she got hotter and hotter. It was only a few minutes before I was able to slip into Jenny's cunt. I was surprised when Lisa crawled up and straddled Jenny's face, grinding against Jenny's tongue. Just when I thought I would come. I slipped out of Jenny and pushed Lisa down onto the mattress and entered her. Lisa rolled slightly over and went to work on licking Jenny while I continued to fuck her. The sight of the two women was too much for me and I exploded in Lisa. gang-bang. First Gang Bang gone bad - I met five guys while out drinking with a friend of mine who had to leave early to get up for work the next day. I hung out because they were very nice and they bought me all me drinks. They where just in town on business from and were staying right down the street. After last call they invited me over to the hotel to hang out and have another drink with them. foursome. Group sex tale - First Time Foursome - Group sex tale - I turned around to kiss him and stroked him. God, it felt wonderful. In seconds he grabbed my ass and drove his cock into my pussy. What a sweet fuck that was, with the waves crashing around us. I felt his hot cum shoot inside me. Although I hadn't cum myself, the feeling of Jim shooting inside me was super. cheerleader-story. Group sex story - The Newest Cheerleader - Group sex story - Being a Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader was a dream come true for me. After all the auditions, and interviews I'd gone through to get the job, I really felt honored to finally be chosen. When on my first day of practice I went out on to the ball field I was so excited you could have knocked me down with a firm shove. group-sex. Vacation - STRONG>Group sex story - Glenn Jefferies was in a funk that had lasted over two years. It had been just about that long ago that her husband of thirty five years passed away suddenly do to a massive heart attack, and wow at a still young fifty six, Glenn had lost all her zest for life, and was just going through the motions. Her sex life was nil, and since she hadn't had a date of any kind, there was little chance of any male attention. Her only sexual release was from the middle finger on her left hand, so every week or so the tension in her vagina would become so urgent, that she would frig her clitoris to a massive if not totally fulfilling orgasm. blind-date. Blind Date - A group sex story - Tyler couldn't believe this girl! She was beautiful, smart, exotic, and witty, but talk about dominant, he could hardly get in a word edgewise! Even her name sounded exotic, Geneva Berk, now who had ever heard of anyone with a name like that, except maybe for someone in central casting! He had been on quite a few blind dates in his day, but nothing had prepared him for someone like Geneva Berk!50. Truth or dare party - Kelly was drunk. She was really drunk. Not just a little buzzed drunk, but totally wasted out of her mind. She had been dancing on a table infront of people she barely knew when she realized her shirt and bra wereoff.49. Beth, Kate and Me - This is a true story, and lead to some of the most mind-blowing toe curlingsex I've ever had the pleasure of partaking in.34. My Wife Is Not Just A Tease - Wife sex story - My wife and I went to a fast food place for a quick dinner one night. When she walks into a room heads turn, and this restaurant was no different. 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